My husband and I recently developed courage and a habit of trying new places to dine out and spend time together.

In our recent escapade, we went to Metrowalk in Ortigas Pasig City Philippines,and tried eating at Bancheto, its like a bazaar, lots of stores are open with different foods prepared and displayed for sale.. I would have to say I had a great time, looking at different cuisines and recipes and had a hard time choosing at what to have for dinner. From seafoods to fried chicken, to soups,different recipes of chowf-an, java rice and paella.. I even saw a stall for shawarma,barbeque,corndogs,i saw a lane of pizza vendors and hey,i never knew that there are so many pizza flavours available,hahahah,even popcorn is there., but what took my breath was the line up of sweets, like cakes, leche flan (custards), candies (i was surprised to see candies wrapped in wanton wrapper and fried,(and it tasted so good) and cotton candies and ice creams of different flavours.

As we go through the long stretch of food stalls, and feel the hunger and my craving for big sized praws, my husband made his choice and got his favorite viand, the crispy sisig (cripsy fried parts of  pig e.g liver, intestines,ears etc.) and I can say he enjoyed it for he finished it in just 5 minutes, on my part,i chose to have pizza and adobong sugpo (large Prawns), I must say, the pizza that i had was the thickest and biggest sliced of pizza i’ve ever had..It was like lasagna,five layers of bread,cheese, meat sauce, peppers and veggies.

It was good while its hot but as it cools the edges of the breads starts to hardens and the whole pizza sugs slowly… my husband, i think he saw me became disappointed and went to buy me some pork barbeque, and that’s what i enjoyed the tasted sweet and there was a kick of spiciness to it.the pork was very tender and smelled so good.I had four of it, that’s how much i enjoyed it, to think that it in large slices.

The whole experience was fun and we even got to try dried mangoes, we even saw a show that was held that very night at the other part of Metrowalk..After watching the show, my husband asked me if he could play poker at a nearby casino and since i want to learn how to play that game as well,i allowed him..

I would have to say, that this habbit gave me and my husband a way to discover new things, made us be able to open ourselves to new environment and experience the things we avoided before, it is also a way for us to be open to each other and have new things to talk about and learn from..