there are times that people would act  and think that they know you or anyone more than that person knows him/herself. they would say something without considering how that person feels and think and won’t even bother to ask if they are already hurting that person.

the pass few days a lot of things have happened in my life and those i thought who’ll be there for me, were the first ones to ran away from me. they made me feel like i don’t exist and don’t matter in their lives. what hurts the most, these are the people i grew up with, i loved them so dearly that i even put them at the top of everything that i do…

i felt so helpless and i need someone, somebody who could at least be there to just talk and tell me that ill be fine, that’s all i need.. but why? i never left them when its them who needs me, but why when its me who need them, why can’t i even feel them.

so sad that no matter what i do, ill never be enough to get their hearts to at least be with me this time… nothing will ever be enough..