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We don’t go out that much, that’s why whenever my husband and i find the time we would take our kids for a play-date and take them somewhere they can run around and play as much as they like, especially my oldest child who will be turning four years old on the 26th of April…


The last play-date  we had was at Centris, the Walk in Quezon Avenue in Quezon City Philippines..

It was late afternoon of a Sunday, and we had nothing to do, my oldest child was showing signs of boredom  , so i asked my husband if we can take the kids out for a play day.. As my son heard it he was all excited and changed clothes as fast as he could.

There was a bit of rain in the air but that did not stopped us, we went to the Walk in Centris,and let my son ran for as long as he wanted, we found a stretch of some stalls just about to close (maybe because of the rain), there were some activities available as well but most of them are for kids 6yrs. old and above… Meaning my son was not able to try any of them aside from the slide and swing which was already crowded by small kids with their nannies, and for some reason there was this nanny that was trying her hardest to put the kid she’s watching over to slide down, it was so obvious that the kid was afraid.

After playing, my husband already wanted to have dinner since rain started to pour and it was already dark. There were a couple of restaurants available but i must say that they are not as affordable and child friendly unlike the ones we see at the park or the mall. Most of the restos in the place are more appropriate for small meetings or adult/young adult get together., but definitely not for kids.

We decided to have dinner at my husband’s favorite place, Shakeys Pizza House.. There was not so much of customers  when we arrive and we got a great spot, my son was already tired and hungry and we were so grateful that our order was taken immediately, so we took the time to at least relax while waiting for our food. however, 30 mins. has already passed and our food was not served yet, other customers have already arrived and our food was still not served, so i decided to follow up to our surprised, the restaurant crew thought that our order was already served, which was so annoying.

I was at the verge of throwing an attitude when the manager approached our table and told us that our food will be served in 4 min and it will discounted due to the inconvenience, okey so i wait for another 4 mins…  and yes our food was served this time but the order was not complete, and we found out the food was “accidentally” given to a different table, my husband held my hand and just shook his head, as if saying, just let it go and he’ll handle it later. And so i did.. My son was forced to eat something he did not want but i can say he liked it in the end.

Our meal ended with disappointment but my son did something that made my husband laughed the hardest i ever saw him laughed. My oldest child bit a lime and that was his first time to taste one, he shook from head to foot and his facial expression was priceless, as my husband saw this he started laughing he almost fell on the floor.

Seing this situation one of the waiters,gathered his guts and served us the bill that we have not asked for yet, you see we were planning to order desserts.. But since the bill was there already my husband who was a bit pissed asked the waiter if he wants us to leave already, i saw how embarrassed the waiter was, and as i checked the bill i saw that the discount promised to us was not applied yet and the food that was not served was charged to us as well.

I was so pissed i was not able to control myself, i asked for the manager, i felt that my family and I was insulted enough and i have to step forward. When the manager came he saw how pissed i was, i started asking questions in a professional tone and counted plates in our table. I even asked why their crew’s attitude was like that, i felt that it was because we are a young couple (my husband is 34 and im 28), is that why they are treating us that way?

The manager was amazed with the way i spoke to them, i showed them my Company ID and they were surprised to find out what i do for a living so with my husband’s job. The manager in all awe made all the charges in our bill be charged to the resto and gave us a member card.. My husband and I decided not take the card and left. My son in a very candid and childish way was even able to leave a comment,he said “nakakahiya naman itong lugar na ito, hwag na tayo babalik dito mama!” (let’s not eat in this place again).  I saw how embarrassed the manager was so i just took my kids and left.

As we walk back to the parking lot, my  son saw a bunny running to our surprised, he ran after the bunny and he came back with it. I saw how proud he was and that his face was glowing, his smile was so big and his eyes was glowing with happiness. he asked me if he could keep it and i said yes, but i was so surprised when he said, “never mind mama, ill let him go, he’ll be happier here” and he did..

On our way home i looked over the back seat and saw my kids asleep,i am so happy to know that my son already knows how to react ,on certain situation

although there are disappointing parts in our playday, im still happy to have had taken my kids out for a playtime, i was able to see the development in my kids especially to know that my oldest kid already knows how to respond on different situation.

There can be no other better time to spend other than the time with my Family..


 my husband and i don’t really engage ourselves that much when it comes to sports, especially the kind where one will produce that much sweat and run all over the place..



but in our village, there’s this league that my husband and his friends would join, its like their seasonal “for the men” thingy, Basketball… this is when they would get together and be happy enough if they would be able to make a few shots of the ball to the net maybe for a couple of times, and here is the funny part, my husband and his group of friends from our village, most of them are already married, so what happens with me and the other wives so with our kids? We become the “Cheerleaders” of the team…

Our kids would shout every time one of the “fathers” on the our team would hold the ball and run inside the court. there are times the kids would make remarks on how their dads play and if they saw that one of the players get hurt of pushed, Us, the moms, would have to go and stop our kids from getting inside the court to hit whoever pushed their dad/s..




As if their father/s don’t do the same to the other team..


The basketball games usually take place at the big vacant lot that also serves as a parking lot at night for the homeowners. There, they placed two basketball nets and have the games happen every afternoon of every weekends. This also serves as the time for our neighbors and friends to be together and be able to share a couple of stories and events about their lives.. I must say that even if we don’t take each game that seriously, we cherish each moment. It allows everyone in the village to be open to other people and allows me to meet new friends, since i don’t really grew up in this community.


As for my husband and his team mates i can say that despite their age difference from the players and other teams, they sure play well, there are times the they make 3 point shots in a row and be unified at that very game.

Currently the team has a standing of w2-L3 in their games. my husband said they are not expecting much,and they just want to play, well that’s good. But honestly im looking forward to watching him play every week. maybe because im also proud at how he does he’s thing inside the court. Their games also give me the chance of showing my husband how proud i am of him and that i support in everything he does…

I must be honest that even if this ballgames are a seasonal thing for Us, its something that we give importance to because of what it does and gives Us outside the game and the court.


Eating spots..

My husband and I recently developed courage and a habit of trying new places to dine out and spend time together.

In our recent escapade, we went to Metrowalk in Ortigas Pasig City Philippines,and tried eating at Bancheto, its like a bazaar, lots of stores are open with different foods prepared and displayed for sale.. I would have to say I had a great time, looking at different cuisines and recipes and had a hard time choosing at what to have for dinner. From seafoods to fried chicken, to soups,different recipes of chowf-an, java rice and paella.. I even saw a stall for shawarma,barbeque,corndogs,i saw a lane of pizza vendors and hey,i never knew that there are so many pizza flavours available,hahahah,even popcorn is there., but what took my breath was the line up of sweets, like cakes, leche flan (custards), candies (i was surprised to see candies wrapped in wanton wrapper and fried,(and it tasted so good) and cotton candies and ice creams of different flavours.

As we go through the long stretch of food stalls, and feel the hunger and my craving for big sized praws, my husband made his choice and got his favorite viand, the crispy sisig (cripsy fried parts of  pig e.g liver, intestines,ears etc.) and I can say he enjoyed it for he finished it in just 5 minutes, on my part,i chose to have pizza and adobong sugpo (large Prawns), I must say, the pizza that i had was the thickest and biggest sliced of pizza i’ve ever had..It was like lasagna,five layers of bread,cheese, meat sauce, peppers and veggies.

It was good while its hot but as it cools the edges of the breads starts to hardens and the whole pizza sugs slowly… my husband, i think he saw me became disappointed and went to buy me some pork barbeque, and that’s what i enjoyed the tasted sweet and there was a kick of spiciness to it.the pork was very tender and smelled so good.I had four of it, that’s how much i enjoyed it, to think that it in large slices.

The whole experience was fun and we even got to try dried mangoes, we even saw a show that was held that very night at the other part of Metrowalk..After watching the show, my husband asked me if he could play poker at a nearby casino and since i want to learn how to play that game as well,i allowed him..

I would have to say, that this habbit gave me and my husband a way to discover new things, made us be able to open ourselves to new environment and experience the things we avoided before, it is also a way for us to be open to each other and have new things to talk about and learn from..